Twitter’s Rumored Undo Sent FeatureSoon there maybe, rumored although, a
Twitter’s Undo Sent Tweet feature rolling out. This feature has been predicted
by an app researcher Jane Manchun Wong, who was also ?among the first to spot
Twitter’s Birdwatch initiative and Twitter’s Overhaul verification system prior
to the announcement of the company.
This rumored feature is said to be a part of the paid subscription of the
Twitter. The feature appears with the “Your Tweet was Sent” dialogue box where
it doubles as a progress bar which appears to show how long the user has before
the tweet is posted.

> Twitter is working on ?Undo Send? timer for tweets

? Jane Manchun Wong (@wongmjane) March 5, 2021
[] Source via: The VergeQuite similar feature is also offered by Gmail, where it
give’s the user the access to undo a mail from being actually sent by clicking
the sent button.

Bloomberg has earlier reported this year that Twitter too is exploring its paid
subscription packages to compete with Facebook and Snapchat with features like
undo tweet and profile customization. Beside this it is also reported by
Bloomberg that Twitter is exploring ways for user to pay one another exclusive
content, the company later announced as Super Follows.

Though among the Twitteratis (Twitter users calling themselves) they would like
to see an Edit option in the app which allows them to edit a sent tweet which is
currently unavailable and seems like not so possible thing in future too. The
Undo option comes in as a breathe of relief which allows users to undo any bad
take or unappealing tweet before being actually sent.