Twitter will start labelling misinformation tweets about Covid-19 vaccine or
sharing misinformed tweets about the vaccine from Monday. Misinformed tweets
about the vaccines will lead to five-strikes from Twitter and can lead to locked
account or suspension. ?The labels for relevant information will be from
officials like CDCP.

This is similar to Facebook’s anti-misinformation banners where misinformation
are reviewed and blocked before the go into post under the community guidelines.
Similar tacit was used in the early days of the pandemic by the Twitter wherein
they would put text underneath the misinterpreted tweets.

Twitter analyzes this misinformation through human and automated reviews and
then proceeds to apply these labels.

An example of labelled TweetThe grounds on which tweets can be labelled and
account suspended or locked, there are five given categories:

1. Misinformation about the nature of virus.
2. Misinformation regarding efficiency of treatment and preventive measures.
3. Misinformation regarding regulations, restrictions and exemptions in
association with health advisories.
4. Misinformation about the prevalence of virus and the risk of infection on
5. Misleading affiliation (ex: claiming to be a doctor or public health

Labels can lead top five strike of an account, if the tweet is found to be of
malicious intent and spreads misinformation regarding Covid-19 then the company
will altogether delete the tweets and suspend the account leading to two strike.
The level of strikes accrue from there on.

Former President of America has been also labelled by the Twitter on multiple
occasions leading suspension of the account.