Apple?s iPhone 12 will probably be late this year.

A newBloomberg report
[] cites Broadcom CEO Hock Tan as saying that a ?large North American mobile phone?
maker might experience a ?major product cycle delay.? Broadcom is one of the
chip suppliers for Apple?s iPhone, and the report says that Tan frequently
refers to Apple this way.

Broadcom usually gets a surge in revenue in its third fiscal quarter of the
year, when iPhones go into mass production (the actual launch typically happens
in late September). But this year, Broadcom doesn?t expect to see the increased
revenue until the company?s fourth fiscal quarter, Tan said during an earnings
conference call on Thursday.

Note that Broadcom?s third fiscal quarter is different from the calendar?s third
quarter, as it runs from May to July. Tan?s remarks imply that Apple will start
iPhone 12 mass production later than usual, which also means a delayed launch,
possibly into October or even after that.

In April, the?Wall Street Journal?reported that Apple is pushing back mass
production of the iPhone 12 by about a month. Nikkei?s March?report?suggested an
even more drastic change, with the launch possibly being delayed by ?months.?

All of the reports cite similar reasons for the delay: The coronavirus pandemic
has slowed down manufacturing, and forced Apple to temporarily?shut down?all of
its retail stores outside of China (the stores are currently being?re-opened).
Bloomberg also says the pandemic has made it hard for Apple engineers to travel
to China to finalize the new iPhones.

Apple is?expected?to launch four new iPhones in the fall, two cheaper models
with 5.4- and 6.1-inch screens, and two high-end variants with 6.1- and 6.7-inch
screens. All of the phones should have an OLED display, though some high-end
variants will have a display with a 120Hz refresh rate. The new phones should
also come with an upgraded Face ID system and a LIDAR sensor on the back.
Finally, rumors suggest the pricier models will come with a larger battery and
3x optical zoom.

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