Apple’s Northern California Solar Farm will start building ?a big battery
storage project, the company announced on Wednesday but what it did not share
was that it will be using Tesla’s battery pack on the farm. The Northern
California Solar Farm was spearhead on 2015 by Apple.

The newly-announced setup, which will store up to 240 megawatt-hours of energy,
was approved by the Monterey County Board of Supervisors in 2020, according to
documents submitted last year. It will consist of 85 Tesla lithium-ion
?megapacks? and be used to help power the company?s corporate headquarters in
Cupertino. Monterey County?s planning chief confirmed that Apple will use the
Tesla batteries in an email to The Verge. Apple declined to comment. Tesla did
not respond to a request for comment.- Source The Verge

The megapack battery by Tesla was announced in 2019 but the 60MW storage setup
Apple will be using is not Tesla’s biggest though. Prior to this, Tesla has
built bigger overall battery storage solutions in Australia and south of
Houston, Texas of around 100MW in size. In the press release, Apple claimed it
to be ?one of the largest battery projects in the country?. The 130 megawatt
solar array farm called California Flats by Apple powered by Tesla batteries
also claimed it could power more than 7,000 homes for a whole day.

Apple VP Lisa Jackson told Reuters on Wednesday
[] “The
challenge with clean energy ? solar and wind ? is that it?s by definition
intermittent. If we can do it, and we can show that it works for us, it takes
away the concerns about intermittency and it helps the grid in terms of
stabilization. It?s something that can be imitated or built upon by other