Swedish capital city Stockholm is looking to attract Indian talents to boost its
technology ecosystem, especially to create wide startup base, a senior official
at Invest Stockholm has said.

Stockholm city is also planning to set up an international house to make it easy
for technology talents, especially from India, to easily get work permits and
accommodation, Invest Stockholm CEO Anna Gissler told PTI in an interview.

?Every 5th technology workforce in Stockholm is an Indian. Both, Swedes and
Indians, speak good English so it is easy for us to connect and then inclination
towards technology helps us in strengthening it,? Gissler said.

Sweden?s capital city Stockholm is building its own silicon valley of technology
companies where it is looking for talents from across the world to set up their

?Stockholm is ranked to have world?s 4th best start-up ecosystem. We are not
just looking for technology start-ups but start-ups that can have an impact. It
may be a non-technology firm. We have mostly Europeans from other countries
visiting Sweden because movement of European citizens within continent is free.
Outside Europe, Indians are the largest base that we have,? Gissler said.

There are 10 million inhabitants in Sweden and need global minds to nurture the
startup ecosystem in the country, she added.

?We are now going to create an international house. We have to make it easier
for people to apply for work permit. At least, it will be to make it valid for
longer period. We also need to work on housing to welcome talents that come to
the country,? Gissler said.

Last month, Invest Stockholm along with the Sweden-India Business Council,
Swedavia and Air India hosted over 30 Indian firms in Sweden to get them engage
with the local ecosystem.

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