We knew it was going to be bad ? but not necessarily ?lowest level since 2013?
bad. As Apple was busy?reporting its earnings, Canalys
[https://www.canalys.com/] just dropped some of its own figures ? and they?re
not pretty. After two quarters of much-needed growing, the global smartphone
market just took a big hit. And you no doubt already know who the culprit is.

The mobile industry joins countless others that have taken a massive hit due to
the COVID-19 pandemic, with shipments dropping 13% from this time last year.
Here?s a graph for those of you who are visual learners:

Analyst Ben Stanton [https://www.canalys.com/about/Benjamin+Stanton/111] used
the phrase ?crushed? to describe the novel coronavirus?s impression on the cell
market. ?In February, when the coronavirus was centered on China, vendors were
mainly concerned about how to build enough smartphones to meet global demand,?
he writes. ?But in March, the situation flipped on its head. Smartphone
manufacturing has now recovered, but as half the world entered lockdown, sales

Samsung regained the highest spot, whereas nonetheless shedding vital numbers.
Both it and the quantity two firm, Huawei, had been down 17% for the quarter.
Apple, at quantity three, dropped 8%. Chinese producers Xiaomi and Vivo noticed
some beneficial properties, at 9- and 3%, respectively.

There are sure to be tough instances forward as effectively. Per Stanton, ?Most
smartphone companies expect Q2 to represent the peak of the coronavirus?
impact.? Apple famous the uncertainty of its personal earnings by opting not to
subject steering for subsequent quarter.

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