Kepler Communications,
[]the Toronto-based
startup that?s focused on developing and deploying shoebox-sized satellites to
provide telecommunications services, is opening up registration for those
interested in getting their first developer kits. These developer kits, designed
to help potential commercial customers take advantage of its Internet of Things
(IoT) narrowband connectivity deploying next year, will then be made available
to purchase for elect partners next year.

This kind of early access is designed to give a head start on testing and
integration to companies interested in using the kind of connectivity Kepler
intends on providing.Kepler []?s service is designed to
provide global coverage using a single network for IoT operators, at low costs
relative to the market, for applications including tracking shipping containers,
railway networks, livestock and crops and much more. Kepler says that its IoT
network, which will be made up of nanosatellites designed specifically for this
purpose it plans to launch throughout next year and beyond, is aimed at
industries where you don?t need high bandwidth, as you would for say HD consumer
video streaming, but where coverage across large, often remote areas on a
consistent basis is key.

IoT connectivity provided by constellations of orbital satellites is an
increasing area of focus and investment, as large industries look to modernize
their monitoring and tracking operations. StartupSwarm recently got permission
from the FCC to launch its 150-small satellite constellation
[] , for instance, to establish a service to address similar needs.

Kepler, founded in 2015, has raised more than $20 million in funding, and has
launched two small satellites thus far, including one in January and one in
November of 2018. The companyannounced a contract with ISK and GK Launch
[] to deploy two more sometime in the middle of next year aboard a Soyuz rocket.

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Small satellite startup Kepler opens sign-ups for its IoT developer kits