No matter how progressive our communication mediums have come to be, one of the
earliest forms of digital communication ? e-mail ? is still quite relevant. But
now,Slackis trying to get businesses to switch to their newSlack Connectservice
that allows up to 20 organizations to communicate via Slack channels.

Slack is one of the most popular communication and collaboration tools and has
gained momentum with the upsurge of people working from home due to the COVID-19

Until now, Slack has been used as an intra-organization communication tool.
But with Slack Connect, organizations using Slack can directly communicate with
up to 20 other organizations. Comparing to the back-and-forth of email, Slack
Connect aims to streamline communication between organizations in a quick and
efficient way.

A key problem in ensuring that Slack Connect was an ideal way to communicate was
the different security protocols and measures used by different organizations.
For instance, a bank would have different security protocols when compared to a

But Slack said it worked 4 years to solve this problem and rehashed its
infrastructure to allow every organization, that was a part of the conversation,
to meet its security protocols while also being able to communicate seamlessly.

Slack has also made sure to give a slightly different interface to make sure
people know they?re engaging in a conversation with someone from outside the
organization. Apart from sending messages and emojis, Slack has also worked on
integrating tools such as Google Calendar and Zoom to make it easier to work in

Slack is also working on bringing a verification system to Slack Connect to
ensure the conversation takes place with just the right individual within an

Another advantage of using Slack Connect, apart from seamless communication with
external organizations, is the ability to avoid phishing scams that are galore
on email. According to Slack, $12 billion in losses are caused by business email
scams, and 90% of data breaches are from phishing.

While Slack doesn?t obliterate the use of email, it does bring nimbleness to
external communications and this might make all the difference. The fact that it
only supports up to 20 organizations, also means you won?t be able to completely
shift your communication to Slack (if you?re already using Slack). But since a
good volume of work-related communication is only with a handful of external
organizations, I don?t see why organizations won?t make use of Connect alongside
regular emails.

Slack Connect is currently available for all paid plans.