Source: MacRumorsNow you can scan unknown Galaxy SmartTags Trackers using
Samsung’s Smart Thing Find Service. The feature known as UnKnown Tag Search,
will soon be out on SmartThings app next week.

You will be able to scan the area for any SmartTags that don’t belong to you but
move along with you. This adds for the safety and security measures, so you can
make sure nobody has slipped any tiny SmartTags on your jacket, purse, shoes
etc. Along with it, Samsung’s Bixby will also gain the ability to find

So if you have lost or misplaced an item but it has a SmartTag with name on it,
Bixby will be able to track it down. For example; if you have misplace your
purse, say “Bixby where is my purse?” it will set off a tag ringer.

But there is a stiff competition coming from the Apple, in its long rumored
AirTags item trackers. Currently it has a similar feature to its Unknwon Tag
Search in its iOS 14.5 beta. The company will unveil it’s feature tomorrow in
its “Spring Loaded” event.