Samsung Galaxy Fold 2Samsung has launched it’s new initiative for it’s consumers
wherein they can purchased a Fold series for up to 100 days and if dissatisfied
can return the full with full refund. This comes after fall and fail of it’s
severely flawed old Fold series. Prior to this, customers could use the Fold
series for 15days and the return it.

A spokesperson of Samsung has said that this new initiative will let consumers
decided if the device is compatible for them or not and then it also makes the
phone more accessible to the consumers. ?The program runs from today up until
1st April.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G is the fourth succession in the company’s
foldable series with the cost of $1,999 but currently the company is selling the
device on it’s website for $1,499 with an eligible trade-in.

The Galaxy Flip 5G is it’s third take on ?foldable phones with the retail price
in $1,199 but it one can get it as cheap as $649.99 with an eligible trade-in.
Both the phones stand with new 100-days return policy.