TheSamsung Galaxy Fold 2 []has
been rumoured to launch alongside theSamsung Galaxy Note 20
[]later this year. But it seems
like Samsung has more in store for fans of foldable phones. A new rumour claims
that Samsung is working on a ?Samsung Galaxy Fold Lite? that might be the most
affordable foldable phone we?ve seen until now. Another report claims that the
phone will only cost $1099 that?s $300 less than the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip that
we saw earlier this year.

The rumour comes fromMax Weinbach
[]who has been
accurate about Samsung reports in the past; notably the Samsung Galaxy S20
series. According to him, the phone will be an assemblage of parts from Samsung
phones we?ve seen in the last two years.

Interestingly, Max claims that the phone will be powered by a Snapdragon 865
processor but won?t have support for 5G. If you?re wondering how this is
possible, iQOO did a similar stint with theiriQOO 3
[]in India. To save costs, the company apparently
didn?t incur any costs in certifying the phone for 5G frequencies in India. You
can read thisexplainer piece
[] by XDA Developers to know more about this.

> To clear out Galaxy Fold 1 inventory before the Galaxy Fold 2 is launched,
Samsung will announce the Galaxy Fold Special Edition in July at a price around
$1099. Quantities will be limited to ~55K worldwide. It should look just like
the Galaxy Fold 1. Great price!

Ross Young

Talking about the same device, Ross Young (an industry insider and the CEO of
DSCC), claims that the Galaxy Fold Lite mentioned by Max Weinbach might be
called the Galaxy Fold Special Edition. This new phone is an attempt to clear
out Samsung Galaxy Fold inventory before announcing the Galaxy Fold 2 later this

He also goes on to say that the phone will be launched in July and only 55,000
units will be available globally.

Now if this is true, it?s unlikely to see Samsung put a high-end Snapdragon 865
processor in the phone; especially when you consider that the more-expensive
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is powered by the Snapdragon 855+.

We can expect to hear more about the phone in the coming weeks. Either way, the
Galaxy Fold Lite is turning out to be an interesting device for consumers who
weren?t able to get their hands on a foldable phone due to ?exorbitant? prices.