Working from home has been a tiring space both mentally and physically for lot
of people. ?The pandemic has shut down both traditional offices and coworking
spaces to the sidelines as many offices are still in dilemma. ?Many offices have
limited their employees footfall as they have restricted the number of employees
to work in the office.

Source: UnSplash/Social CultBut post pandemic coworking is thriving as the
demand from the break of traditional offices to a more congenial flexible
atmosphere has become the need of the hour. ?Coworking spaces allows you to be a
travelling nomad digitally or permanently allowing you to foster creativity and
enhance networking.

Source: UnSplash / Johanna Adriaansen The perks of coworking is that it you can
meet people from your field or diverse field and work together for an
organization or individually and get set to explore plethora of other things
that a traditional or work from home fails to provide. The need for coworking
spaces has incessantly grown among entrepreneurs, freelancers and other people
who are looking for a cool space to start their ambiti0ns or looking to connect
with people from diverse fields. Coworking space is not limited to monotony of
glass walled buildings or cemented walls. They expand above and beyond the
horizon, it can be a caf? space or a studio or a maybe a beach house where you
can succumb to the ambience of the zephyr from the ocean while you layout and
device your new project plan or ideas and strategies for your company.

Source: UnSplash/Copernico [] For
professionals working remotely it can be a game changer wherein they can
divulge, discuss and experience diverse field of other professional, expanding
their network and gaining new insights on different field of life.