Suavei?s SaaS solution, available today, makes it easy for service providers,
enterprises, and businesses to protect their IoT and 5G devices from
cybersecurity threats. To recognize game-changing capabilities, the Telecom
Council of Silicon Valley nominated?Suavei?for the 2019 Most Disruptive
Technology SPIFFY Award.

Billions of new IoT devices connect to corporate networks every year, many of
which lack security capabilities. The introduction of new 5G devices will only
increase the pace of IoT adoption. This rapid growth is leading to increased
exposure of corporate networks to attacks through insecure devices. As an
example, consider the case of a casino high roller database hacked through a
thermometer in the aquarium (
[] ). To compound the problem, scanning IoT devices for cyber vulnerabilities is
very manual, costly & complicated with incumbent options. As a result, nearly
half of businesses are unaware of what devices are connected to their networks
or when those devices are breached (
[] ).

Suavei?has solved the IoT device vulnerability problem with the only
self-configuring threat management solution available for IoT devices, new 5G
devices, and wired critical infrastructure.?Suavei?s SaaS-based architecture
uses machine learning algorithms from day one to dynamically automate both
device identification and ongoing scans in different corporate, industrial, and
remote environments, including those with low bandwidth. With?Suavei, users can
perform timely and comprehensive scans on-demand or scheduled without stressing
devices or networks. The solution requires no additional hardware or software
agents and is compatible with all leading wireless technologies such as 5G, LTE,
3G, 2G, NB-IoT, & WiFi.

In addition to AI-powered device scanning capabilities,?Suavei?s REST APIs
enable integration with existing systems, customized threat intelligence feeds,
and a mechanism to alarm, quarantine ,and patch directly from the tool.?Suavei?s
product roadmap also includes future utilization of distributed storage via
Blockchain for additional threat intelligence capabilities.

Suavei?helps service providers, enterprises, & businesses enjoy all the benefits
of a connected world with IoT and 5G device security under control. The Telecom
Council of Silicon Valley?s recent nomination of?Suavei?for the 2019 Most
Disruptive Technology SPIFFY Award recognizes the company?s demonstrated
?ability to disrupt markets and change the way people do things? (
[] ).

Services providers, enterprises, and businesses can order?Suavei?Internet
Security at
[] .