Ninatic’s CEO John Hanke with Virtual Reality Pokemon GoMicrosoft has teamed up
with Ninatic creating a proof of ?concept version of PokemonGo. This proof of
concept was to demonstrate what the future of gaming technology can be and what
can be possible in the near future. The announcement came along with the launch
of Microsoft Mesh mixed reality platform today.

In the demo version the HoloLens are allows the users to spot Pokemon in the
wild, feed them typical berries ahead of a gym battle with another player. The
users are granted access through a tap menu on the HoloLens through which they
can access different part of the Pokemon.

The technology is said not to be available for public use, Ninatic has stressed
that it is yet not an app that is ready for consumer purposes.

The CEO John Hanke has said that this is only a demo and has no intention of
making it for consumer purposes, though it offers an early glimpse of what the
future of the software and hardware and it’s evolutions. Furthermore he added
“While we’ve only scratched the surface, We know the years ahead to be filled
with important achievement which will serve as waypoints in AR’s journey to
becoming a life-changing computing platform.”

The announced took place in Ignite stage at the launch of Microsoft Mesh where
Hanke appeared virtually to show a demo of PokemonGo on HoloLens. Microsoft Mesh
is a software makers new augmented reality developer platform powered by Azure.
Microsoft hopes through this platform many developers can create more augmented
virtual reality app in the near future.