There?s been a sharp surge in cybercrime amid the COVID-19 pandemic. And now
there?s another report that states cyber criminals leaked personal data of 29
million Indian job seekers for free on the dark web. The incident wasfirst
brought to light
[] by an online cyber intelligence firm, Cyble.

The firm detailed the information around the leak on its blog last week, where
[] that ?We usually see this sort of leaks all the time, but this time, the message
header got our attention as it included a lot of personal details ? where most
of the things are generally static such as education, address, etc?.

The company furtheradded
[] that the threat actor leaked personal details of 29 Million Indian Job Seekers
from different states in India and that the original leak seems to have happened
via a resume aggregator service collecting data from various known job portals.
The data breach includes sensitive information about the users including their
email address, phone number, home address, qualification, etc.

We?ve witnessed many other hacking incidents lately where hackers are leveraging
the current sensitive COVID-19 situation. Red Cross recently called out for an
end to cyberattacks on the healthcare sector amid COVID-19 pandemic in a
published letter that was signed by a total of 42 people.

Cybersecurity firm, Check Point Research, also?revealed?back in march that
hackers are selling their malware and other exploitation tools at a discounted
rate on the dark web using discount codes like ?COVID-19? and ?Coronavirus?.
Cyble also?revealed?earlier this month that a hacker had started selling the
user database of Unacademy, India?s largest online learning platform, with over
20 million accounts for $2,000 (Rs 1,51,640).

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