Mars from the Space via Phys.orgNASA’s Perseverance which took off last month
and descended ?on Mars has taken it’s first spin ?on the rocky surface of Jezero
Carter, NASA announced today. The six wheel rover drove around the surface of
about 21 feet to test key mobility features on Thursday as scientist prepare to
execute mission’s core scientific purpose.

NASA’s Perseverance animated footageThe rover drove about 13 feet straight and
then took turning around to back up 8 feet creating a trail on the Martian dirt
with it’s six aluminum wheels.

“It went incredibly well and performed better than it did during pre-launch
tests on earth” stated an elated Anais Zarifian, Perseverance’s mobility test

The short drive has pumped up the atmosphere in the NASA as scientist and
engineers prepare for some 656 feet travel for next two years. It mission is to
analyze and scoop up the Martian soil samples for future return mission.

Previously, Perseverance’s sister rover Curiosity had also landed on Mar’s but
unlike it’s sister, the top speed is 0.1 miles per hour which is not much but it
is not about the speed, with advance computer system and a “bougie” suspension
that can help it climb rocks in the Martian terrain while keeping a it’s main
body level.

Since it’s landing on Feb 18th it has beamed back thousand of images from it’s
19 on board cameras including a frame showing Jezero’s Delta. Since it’s launch
from Florida last summer and the site it has landed at Jezero, they have named
it Octavia E. Butler, a late fiction author and first black woman to be awarded
with Hugo and Nebula award.

Octavia E. Butler, First black women to be awarded Hugo and Nebula award.