Pandora []today is launching a
desktop app for Windows users followingits debut of a native Mac app
[] earlier this year. On Mac, Pandora offers a variety of features for desktop
users, like on-screen notifications, keyboard controls, a way to select
listening ?modes
[] ? and more. It didn?t, however, include support for streaming podcasts. The new
Windows app includes a similar feature set.

Update:The Windows Store app description mentions that at higher tiers you can
stream podcasts. Pandora tells us this is not actually true of the app itself,
however. It plans to support podcasts in the future, it says. We?ve removed
references to podcast support from this article.

Above: Pandora?s Windows 10 app ? note references to playing podcasts!

Like its Mac counterpart, Pandora?s Windows app can be used by both free users
and paid subscribers alike.

The free users will have access to Pandora?s ad-supported stations, while
Pandora Plus subscribers get ad-free stations, unlimited skips, personalized
stations and up to four offline stations. Pandora Premium subscribers,
meanwhile, get the same, plus the ability to make and share playlists, play
albums and songs on-demand and take advantage of unlimited offline listening.

Also like the Mac app, the Windows version supports keyboard controls for doing
things like playing, pausing, replaying, shuffling, thumbs up and down, etc. And
it supports thePandora Modes
[] feature, which lets you refine your personalized stations by asking Pandora to
focus more on certain types of songs ? like crowd favorites, the discovery of
new artists, deep cuts, songs from a select artist only, new releases and more.

Desktop users often prefer to use a native app instead of leaving a service open
in a browser tab as it allows them a more seamless and integrated experience.
That said, Pandora?sMac version didn?t have the best reviews
[]from Apple

Still, Pandora?s rollout of native desktop apps helps the SiriusXM-owned company
better compete with rivals like Apple Music and Spotify, both of which have long
offered desktop applications. In Apple?s case, it actually built so much into
iTunes that the company decided to finally break it up into parts with the next
version of macOS. Pandora doesn?t have the same problem, because it doesn?t
include a user library or marketplace.

Windows users can download the Pandora app from theMicrosoft Store
[] starting today.

The app works on Windows 10. (Pandora also supports streaming to Xbox via the
Microsoft Store app.)

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Pandora debuts a desktop app for Windows