Source: The VergeThe upcoming lineup of iPhones will not have a mini version
according to analyst Ming-chi Kuo in an investor note reported on by MacRumors
[] and AppleInsider
[] via The Verge.So you can now let go of your mini dreams from the upcoming line
of iphones. The reason that has been noted is the company’s expectation on mini
demand; overestimating the demand leading to cut production orders.

But the lineup will boost new features such as 48 megapixel camera and ?Face ID
sensors, Kuo suggests by 2023. Though already Android has dominated the 48
megapixel market , it is reported that this will be larger than the most with
1/1.3inch sensor with a pixel size of 1.25?m, Kuo suggests. Although smaller
than iPhone 12 Pro Max, Kuo suggest it will be like 2.5?m with sensor display
used for 12 megapixel images. According to Kuo, higher resolution will enable 8k
motion capture.

Though we will miss mini but the new features make the ?lineup worth every penny
from ?your budget. The screen size remains pocketable, i.e. 6.1 inch and 6.7
inch as Apple is sticking to the Pro Max version size.

The predictions Kuo has ?made for the upcoming lineup of new iPhones sound
exciting but it is still debatable which one of these will make it first and in
which combination.