As we see Xiaomi taking a strong lead against Samsung in India, Realme is
another player who is making a lot of moves and giving everyone else a tough

Realme, a one-and-half-year-old smartphone vendor that was essentially created
out of Oppo, held 14.3% of the world?s second largest smartphone market in the
quarter that ended in September, research firm IDC said.

While Xiaomi with 27.1% of the share still is on top of the competition, the
volume of handsets that Realme has shipped in India has risen at a staggering
401.3% since the same period last year, according to IDC.

Market share of smartphone vendors in India

Realme?s expansion in India is very similar or a replication of Xiaomi?s
playbook in the country. Like Xiaomi, Realme for a year sold phones only through
an online channel to cut overhead costs. Last quarter, the company began selling
phones in India through offline stores, which still account for more than
two-thirds of all smartphone sales.