Google had launched its Assistant-powered smart speaker Google Home back in
2016. Since then, the company has refreshed its smart speaker lineup and even
rebranded it to Nest, but the original Google Home is yet to get a successor.

That could change soon though asaccording to a report by?9To5Google
[], Google is
working on a new Nest-branded smart speaker. It will have a fabric-based design
similar to other Nest speakers and have an ?unassuming and familiar? design.

Codenamed ?prince,? the smart speaker will lack a display and feature larger
drivers than the original Google Home which should help with sound quality as
well. The speaker will run on Google Assistant, though there?s no detail on
whether it will pack some exclusive features or not.

Some features from Google Home Max-like stereo speaker pairing should make their
way to this new Nest-branded speaker though. There?s no word on pricing as well,
though the speaker could be priced between the original Google Home and the Home

However, the big appeal of this model, based on the leak, will likely be the
audio quality, which probably won?t reach the level of the large Google Home
Max, but may eclipse that of Amazon?s competing Echo speakers.

The final name of the product is not yet clear and it is also not confirmed as
to when Google intends to launch the smart speaker. Google no longer sells the
original Google Home so a replacement of the smart speaker is very much due.

With the Pixel 4a launch seemingly delayed until October, it is possible the
company could launch all of these devices at a Made by Google event later this
year alongside the Pixel 5.