Netflix now lets you remove the shows and movies from the ?Continue Watching?
row very easily on the Android app.

Sometimes you start watching something on Netflix and then just stop because you
might not like the show or movie. Even if you are not interested in it, the
title stays on your feed in the Continue Watching row. While there are ways to
get rid of the titles in Continue Watching by opening it and dragging the guide
bar to end or by hiding it in your viewing activity, these are tedious.

But now, you can remove titles from Continue Watching simply with a click, or to
be specific three clicks.

Users will now find a hamburger menu or the three-dot icon on the title cards in
the Continue Watching row. Clicking on the icon, brings up a menu with options
like ?Episodes and Info?, ?Download Episode?, ?Like?, ?Not for me?, and ?Remove
from Row?. Selecting the Remove option will pop-up a prompt with options ?
Cancel and OK.

Previously, users would have to click on the title card for a show or movie to
download, rate and even check the number of episodes. Now all of it is
available, in one place that can be accessed from the title card in the rows
itself. While there is an option to view information separately on the title
cards that is an ?i? icon, there is also an option in the new menu.

But most importantly, users can now easily get rid of the shows they don?t want
to watch anymore from their continue watching list. This new feature is
available on the latest version of the Netflix Android app. According toThe
[] , the feature will roll out on the iOS app on June 29th.

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