Microsoft is introducing Lists, a new platform to create and share its namesake
for business plan subscribers forMicrosoft 365
[]. The list creation tool
will be available as a separate app but can even be accessed from within
Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft already had a platform, SharePoint where users can create lists and
keep track of progress. But according toMicrosoft
[] , Lists will bring new ?experiences and capabilities? to users based on the
foundation of SharePoint.

The main goal of Microsoft Lists is to provide users with easy access to all
their lists in one place. New lists can be created from the app available in the
Microsoft 365 app launcher which can then be imported to Microsoft Teams, or
users can simply create a new list in Microsoft Teams itself.

Users can select the Microsoft Lists option after clicking on the new tab option
on a Teams channel. Here, users can wither embed an existing list or make a new
one. While making a new list, users can select from various ready-made templates
like issue tracker, event itinerary, asset manager, etc.

Users can also create a new list from an existing list when the same structure
and formatting options are needed. Microsoft Lists also has the provision to
import Excel table data that can be used to create a list. Both these features
are also available in Microsoft?s original lists platform, SharePoint.

Additionally, Microsoft has added three layouts ? grid view, gallery view, and
calendar view to the lists. The default view is ?grid view? that has the same
layout as lists on SharePoint. But based on the content of lists, users also
have the option of ?gallery view? for images and ?calendar view? for dates.

Users can even create custom views based on their own style and add filtering or
sorting. All lists in Microsoft Lists are displayed to other users in the view
selected, but users can select their own ?personal view? different from the
?public view?.

Another addition to Microsoft Lists is the ability to make ?rules? based on the
if/then conditions. Users can set up rules such that when certain conditions are
met, selected people are notified or reminded.

Image Credit: Microsoft, WanderLust

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