According to areport
[] byBleepingComputer, a hacker has claimed to have stolen more than 500GB of data
from Microsoft?s private GitHub repositories.

The data breach might have taken place on March 28, 2020, as indicated by the
file stamps in leaked files, states the report. The data breach was revealed by
a hacker ?Shiny Hunters? who said they attacked Microsoft GitHub account, and
gained complete access to Microsoft?s private repositories.

Hacker had downloaded 500GB of private projects. Hunters also revealed that he
offered 1GB of files on a hacker forum where he let the ?registered members? use
site ?credits? to access leaked data. Moreover, Hunters had earlier planned on
selling the data but is now deciding to leak it for free.

[] further states that there are other hackers who think the leaked data is not
real. Also, the overall shared data doesn?t reflect on anything major fas ?Msft
haor Microsoft to worry about. Microsoft employee Sam Smith considers the leak
fake as he responded to a tweet from cybersecurity firm, Under The Breach.

Hack attacks and data breaches have recently grown in number. Just recently,
Cyble, a cybersecurity intelligence firm,revealedthat a hacker group sold the
user database Unacademy, India?s largest online learning platform, that
consisted of over 20 million accounts for $2,000 (Rs 1,51,640).

Similarly, over500,000 Zoom accounts
[] were sold on the dark web and hacker forums at dirt cheap prices, last month.
Some of these accounts were even getting sold on the dark web for free. A hacker
also leaked personal identities of267 million Facebook users
[] for 500 Euros (Rs 41,695). These personal details included email, full name,
last name, phone, and age among others.

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