The State Blood Transfusion Council (SBTC) of Maharashtra will be making use of
the blood donation feature on Facebook to overcome the shortage of blood
donation amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Due to the lockdown placed to thwart the spread of COVID-19, the bloodstock in
the state of Maharashtra have seen a decline. Blood donation drives and camps
were not organized to avoid crowds in line with the social distancing measures.
But now, that the lockdown has been relaxed to an extent, it is possible to hold
blood donation camps.

As reported byHindustan Times
[] , principal secretary of the health department Dr Pradeep Vyas said in a
statement, ?Now the lockdown in the state has been relaxed in some manner. Blood
donation feature on Facebook will be used along with the blood donation camps,
being organised by social organizations to meet blood requirements and to help
the needy patients of another ailment as well as corona patients.?

The report adds that about 71 government blood banks spread throughout
Maharashtra will be introduced to the blood donation feature on Facebook. The
blood donor feature will allow blood banks to reach out to Facebook users that
have registered themselves as blood donors on the platform. The blood banks will
be able to let the registered blood donors in their city know that there is a
requirement for blood donation through a request on their Facebook page.

Facebook has made an effort to support users through its platform during the
pandemic. Last month, Facebook had introduced a?community help platform?for
COVID-19 relief, where users could offer or even seek help from others in their
locality through posts on the dedicated page. It has even tried to curb the
spread of misinformation with the help of a dedicated ?Information Center?
filled with information from vetted sources and also, a ?Get The Facts? feature
to debunk misinformation.

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