An example of Live Caption on Chrome Browser (Source:Techdows)XD Developers have
spotted Live Captions, an exclusive feature of Pixels phones to Google Chrome.
This feature was exclusive to Pixels and some Samsung phone but it seems Google
has planned to make it accessible to anyone via their web browser Chrome.

The Live Caption feature uses machine learning to spontaneously create captions
for videos and audios where non existed enabling it the content to be more
accessible for anyone who is deaf or hard of hearing. The feature appears as a
small moveable box on top of the content as shown in the picture above where
words appear as spoken on the content, there maybe a bit delay and for fast and
stuttering speech, the dialogue box spots mistakes.

The feature of the captions first appeared on the Pixels phones on 2019 where
one can mute or lower the audio of the content and the captions will still
appear, making it easier to read podcast or videos without disturbing the other

Live Caption on Google Pixel Phones (Source: The Indian Wire) Chrome’s Live
caption work on ?YouTube, Twitch Stream, podcast players and even on music
streaming apps like SoundCloud but the captions are only generated in English
which is also the case on their mobile phones.

To enable Live Caption on Chrome, update Chrome and it is enabled right away or
one can do manually by going to the Settings>Advance>Accessibility>Live Caption,
switch on the toggle bar and live caption is enabled.

The feature of Live Caption was first released on Android QBeta exclusive to
some Pixels and Samsung phones but since it’s inception on Chrome its is
available to much wider audience.