Facebook will soon roll out feature wherein pages from your news feeds will be
labeled into three categories “satire pages” “public official” and “fan page”.
The step has been taken by the company after a long haul of chaos and confusion
has ensued about fake new stories and their origin. The company has already
started testing the features in U.S. and has planned to roll them out to more

The company has started these labels after news article pages such as The Onion
or The Babylon Dee’s satirical post was confused for real time reports even
though the it was not intended by the editors of the post, the best example is
of former American President Donald Trump who also confused satirical post for
real time reports. Facebook has made any statement about it but the labels such
as “satire pages” seems important looking a the amount of times confusions has
been ensued by them. ?On Twitter they have announced the testing of the feature:

Starting today in the US, we?re testing a way to give people more context about
the Pages they see. We?ll gradually start applying labels including ‘public
official,’ ‘fan page’ or ‘satire page’ to posts in News Feed, so people can
better understand who they?re coming from. pic.twitter.com/Bloc3b2ycb

? Facebook Newsroom (@fbnewsroom) April 7, 2021
[https://twitter.com/fbnewsroom/status/1379887135998763014?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw] This isn’t the first time such a feature has been rolled out by the company.
Last year on June it began labeling media outlets which are ?wholly or partially
under the editorial control of their government.? The need for labeling media
outlets arose as they combined the influence of a media organization with the
strategic backing of a state Facebook explained further arguing that people
should know the news they were reading was coming from a biased outlet
influenced by the government or not.