Source : For a long time now, Facebook has been a bone of contention in
radicalizing ideas and ideologies among the masses specifically on the political
field. But it seems that it is now amending it’s way. Apparently,
Facebook want users news feed to be filled with inspirational content rather than content that annoys them. Although, filters have been already introduced by the
company at the end of March, but company wants to learn what the users like and
dislike and is hoping to replace political content with more inspirational
For a certain time, Facebook has been criticized for fanning the flames of
political dispute and division on different part of the world and even in the US
election. The founder and CEO Mark Zukerberg also came under the scrutiny about
the misinformation being posted on the app and not being flagged out. He also
took a aggressive stance during the Congressional hearing in support of
replacing Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act in 2020.
According to a statement given by Facebook “users want inspirational content
because it motivates them and can be useful to them outside of Facebook. The
idea of what inspires varies widely from a person to person. No two exact
person will be inspired by the same thing.
Even though it seems that Facebook wants to amend its way and amp up positivity
among its users by giving them the content they like and excluding the content
they would not prefer via a survey method.