The digital pan and zoom feature from Apple on the new M1 iPad Pro’s
front-facing camera will now work with any video conferencing app. So no need to
pass your phone over or flip the camera to the rear for the complete view. This
feature would ease the pandemic lifestyle we all are currently reeling on ,
making remote working and e-learning a lot more convenient and hands on with
Zoom and Microsoft team.

Apple has branded it as Center Stage, where the video conferencing participants
are properly framed as they move about in the room with the machine learning
combination fixed with 12 megapixel camera sensor giving an overview of an ultra
122 degree view. Similar tracking has been noted on devices such as Portal TV,
Echo Show 10, and even the Xbox Kinect accessory. Last year, these niche devices
saw a surge on their sales as pandemic pushed the students and professionals
toward remote working or learning.

Apple has said that “Center Stage works with Face Time and other video
conferencing apps” on its iPad Pro Landing Page.

Since the pandemic, all of our life has depended on a screen to see our loved
ones even though we know we cannot be near them, and on the working front side
we ?have seen many funny mishap moments so it is common to see someone dine in
during a conference meeting or kids seeking out help from their parents or
siblings to solve a math problem during an e-lesson. Advancing technologies such
as Center Stage expands our reach to see what our loved ones are doing where
ever they maybe or during the professional meetings or teaching a student
through blackboard. It connects us through a wider outreach and makes out aloof
life less monotonous while under quarantined.