Pubs, clubs pre-pandemic was the jam for every workspace to go in relax and
enjoy their Friday nights beginning the weekends. But post-covid, the scenes for
most of the pubs and clubs changed drastically as they were closed down for a
long period of time. Even after the ease of lockdown many clubs and pubs scene
have drastically gone down as restrictions have been imposed on the clubbing
scene. So what now was the major question lying ahead of them until Covid-19
eases? Any alternative solution?

Here comes in FriYey, brainchild of an engineer cum MBA grad, Yogesh Thore, who
started a line of co-working spaces as offices remained shut and many
professionals were feeling the negative toll of working from home.

Yogesh Thore Founder of FriYeyIn an interview with The Indian express, he
explained the conception behind FriYey;

?The majority of nightclubs, pubs and restaurants lie idle during the day, while
hundreds of people, from medical representatives to bank salespersons, do not
have their own offices to work out of. Friyey built a business model that
matched this gap. We got into revenue-share agreement with these restaurants and
clubs. Today, they have more earnings and branding while professionals, who need
a space to work, have an affordable option. We are around 70 per cent full most
-Source The Indian Express

FriYey which began on May 2019 has cultivate itself around the pandemic
workplace structure providing safe and sanitize spaces in and around Pune while
utilizing readily available places such as pubs and clubs which remain vacant
during the day. The Co-working space operates from 9 to 5 providing all the
necessary amenities ?like water, wifi, charging plug points and beverages.

?During that time, the restaurant or club operates as a co-working space only
and people are free to bring their own tiffins. Food from the restaurant is not
served in the workspace. What we are focusing on is building a community of
Remote Workers who can come up with ideas that can plug gaps in the post-COVID
economy,? says Thore.-Source The Indian Express