Source: Deviant ArtNew characters are introduced on 20th February in the famed
game Fortnite at 7PM ET. The characters are famous legendary Mortal Combat
characters Chun Li and street fighter Ryu, prior to the release of a reboot
version of Mortal Combat movie this year.

Chun Li is the first major female video game character to gain mainstream
recognition globally. She was first introduced in the year 1991 in the famous
game Street Fighter II: The World Warrior. She was expert in martial art and
played an Interpol officer who seek vengeance for the death of her father.

Ryu is the main protagonist character in the video game series Street Fighter
released in 1987 under Capcom Co. Ltd. He is an experienced martial fighter ?who
aims at being stronger and stronger. He was the first original character for the
game Street Fighter.

The announcement by Fortnite is not something uncommon, as previously the
developers of the game has had crossover from Tron, G.I. Joe’s Snake Eyes, two
characters from The Walking Dead, Baby Yoda and the Mandalorian. The biggest
crossover is was the last season’s hugely popular Marvel -themed crossover.The
fans have also had chanced to pick skins based on Kartos from God of War and
Chief from Halo.

The new characters will be available in Fortnite’s in-game shop. So keep
checking to play with your favorite character from Mortal Kombat as it seems
Fortnite leaves no stone unturned when it comes to introducing new character or
some legendary one’s.