How is COVID-19 impacting product development, you ask? The all-new Honor Play 4
Pro that has been launched in?China?features a special infrared temperature
sensor that will let users measure the temperature of objects, animals, and
people. While the temperature sensor won?t help in determining if a person has
COVID-19 or not, it?ll help determine if someone has a high fever ? one of the
symptoms of the coronavirus.

If you?re wondering, this isn?t the first phone in recent times to come with a
thermal camera onboard. Recently, Shenzhen-based Blackview ? a smartphone
manufacturer known for its rugged phones ? launcheda phone
[]that had an integrated FLIR (Forward Looking
Infrared Camera) sensor used by FDA-approved thermal imaging systems.

Honor claims that the IR temperature sensor on the Honor Play 4 Pro has a
measurement range of -20?C to 100?C. Since we haven?t actually used the phone,
there?s no indication of how accurate the measurements actually are. But all
said and done, the Play 4 Pro is the perfect example of how businesses are
moving quickly to adapt to this unprecedented situation the world is facing

Unfortunately, given the trade bans placed by the US on Huawei & Honor, it?s
quite unlikely to see the phone make to global markets like Europe and India.

The Honor Play 4 Pro makes use of the flagship Kirin 990 processor that?s also
found on the Huawei Mate 30 series and the Honor 30 series of smartphones. Other
key features include a dual-camera setup consisting of a 40MP primary sensor, a
6.57-inch FullHD display, and a 4,200mAh battery that has support for 40W fast

The Honor 4 Play Pro variant with the IR sensor costs CNY 2,999 (~ INR 31,800)
and will go on sale in China on June 12.

Alongside the Honor 4 Play Pro, Honor also announced the Honor Play 4 that makes
use of a mid-range MediaTek Dimensity 800 processor.