It?s happened to me a thousand times: I enter a query into Google Search, get
exactly what I need right there in the search results, but when I click on the
result to find out more, a webpage opens and the info I needed is? well,

I then have to find it a second time, typically by clicking Ctrl-F to bring up
the ?find in page? feature.

It seems those days are gone, though.

Search Engine Land
[] (viaThe Verge
[] ) has discovered that Google launched a new Search feature that highlights and
scrolls down to text found in a featured snippet.

Featured snippets are those little blurbs you get when searching for certain
topics ? you?ll recognize them by their gray border and (sometimes) a screenshot
of the resulting webpage.

And now, when you click through to that webpage, you?ll be sent to the exact
part of the page the snippet was taken from, and you?ll see the text from the
snippet highlighted yellow

The interesting thing about this functionality is that it doesn?t require
webmasters to do anything to enable it. Google shared some details on how it
works in a couple of tweets on Wednesday.

> As we have done with AMP pages since December 2018, clicking on a featured
snippet now takes users to the exact text highlighted for HTML pages, when we
can confidently determine where the text is, for browsers that support the
underlying technology?.

? Google SearchLiaison (@searchliaison) June 3, 2020
[] The feature should work on both desktop and mobile, but it doesn?t work in all
scenarios. I?ve tried it out in Chrome with no issues, but I couldn?t get the
feature to work in Safari. Googlesays
[]that if a browser doesn?t
support the underlying technology needed for the feature to work, the user will
be taken to the top of the web page.

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