Google []is now making it easier to share
addresses via Google Maps with Plus Codes. Instead of having to share addresses
that include a building name, a street name, amongst various other
could-be-misspelt parts, users will now be able to share addresses with a simple
alphanumeric code.

According toGoogle
more than 2 billion people either don?t have an address or have an address that
isn?t easy to locate. Google?s Plus Codes aims to solve this problem with a
6-digit alphanumeric code that will be able to ?uniquely identify? any location
on the map.

Plus Codes are derived from latitude and longitude coordinates and can hence
pinpoint an exact location when searched on Google Maps. If you?re thinking
about how this could be useful, let me give you an instance. My building doesn?t
show up when searched for, despite having tried to ?add a missing place? to
Google Maps. With Plus Codes, I could simply share the alphanumeric code instead
of having to share the location of a nearby landmark and then guide the person
on how they can find my building from that point.

his is just one instance but there are multiple situations where Plus Codes
would be handy. For instance, Google notes how Plus Codes could be immensely
useful in emergency and crisis situations where sharing one?s exact location is
not as smooth as we?d like to be. With codes, Google aims at making sharing
addresses as simple as sharing phone numbers.

How to find and share Plus Codes?
Google Plus Codes are now available for all addresses that you search for on
Google Maps. You can find them right above the actual address when you open a
listing on Maps.

If you?re looking to find a Plus Code of a location you?re at, you can simply
tap the blue dot on the map and find it sitting at the top of the menu. Plus
Codes can be searched for on Google Maps and Google Search which makes them very
easy to use.

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