Black Lives Matter Plaza in Washington, D.C., is now visible on Google Maps.

Over the weekend, Google updated its satellite and street view imagery to show a
newly paintedstretch of 16th Street NW
[] that leads to the White House. On June 5, the city painted the street art in
huge yellow block letters. The blocks were renamed Black Lives Matter Plaza.

While Google Maps quickly relabeled the area as BLM Plaza, the mapping service
was still using satellite and street view imagery from 2018. Apple Maps updated
its maps with the slogan days after it was painted,The Verge noted
[] on June 8.

> Here was what DC’s BLM Plaza looked like last week (June 10) on @googlemaps

? Sasha Lekach (@sashajol) June 15, 2020
[] As of Monday, Google Maps was showing the street mural.

> Over the weekend @googlemaps
[] updated its street view to
include the #BlackLivesMatter
[] Plaza street art that was painted in early June (Google had previously relabeled
the street, but the image was from before June 5th’s addition) []

? Sasha Lekach (@sashajol) June 15, 2020
[] Other Black Lives Matter street murals appeared on streets inOakland,
Sacramento, Dallas
[] , andSan Francisco
[] over the weekend. Both Google and Apple haven?t updated those San Francisco
blocks yet.