Google []todayannounced
small but nifty feature for the Google Assistant and its smart home devices that
makes it easier for you to take your music and videos with you as you wander
about the different rooms in your home.

?Stream transfer,? as Google prosaically calls it, allows you to simply ask the
Assistant to move your music to a different speaker, or ? if you have the right
speaker group set up ? to all speakers and TVs in your home. All you have to say
is ?Hey Google, move the music to the bedroom speaker,? for example. In addition
to your voice, you also can use the Google Home app or the touchscreen on your
GoogleNest Home Hub.

This will work with any source that can play to your Chromecast-enabled speakers
and displays.

It?s all pretty straightforward ? to the point where I?m surprised it took so
long for Google to enable a feature like this. But maybe it just needed to have
enough devices in peoples? homes to make it worthwhile. ?Now that millions of
users have multiple TVs, smart speakers and smart displays (some in every room!)
we wanted to make it easy for people to control their media as they moved from
room to room,? Google itself explains in today?s announcement.

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Google makes moving music and videos between speakers and screens easier