Google Duo users will now be able to invite or join calls by simply using a
link. The feature has already been available with the other Google video
conferencing tool, Meet for some time now, so Duo is a bit late to the party.

The feature for Google Duo was teased last month and its roll out was spotted by
[] . With the new feature, users can invite other people to their groups by simply
sharing an invite link and not by adding members manually.

But, the users have to create a group first with at least one member to get the
invite link. Google Duo users can even invite people to the group while on a
call from the hamburger menu on the bottom right on the Call screen. Here they
have an option to share the invite link that can be used to join the on-going

This invite link feature is only available to the users on Google Duo mobile app
for both Android and iOS. At the moment, group calling is not a thing on the
Google Duo web client. Group calls for Google Duo web client along with ?a new
layout that lets you see more people at the same time?have been teased
[]to be available in coming

At the moment, it seems like there are too many video conferencing tools around,
most of them by Google.

Not too long ago, Google Meet (previously known as Google Hangouts Meet) became
available to everyone with a Gmail account rather than just GSuite users. It has
also recently, received?various features?like gallery view, noise cancellation,
better screen sharing options and calls that support up to 16 participants.

Google Duo offers 12 participants (instead of 8) and is adding other features
for users tobetter interact with friends and family
[]. Google Meet is more
business-oriented while Google Duo has always been a platform to Hangout
(pun-intended) with friends and family.

Seriously, whatever happened to Google Hangouts.

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