Google has updated its Google Drive app for iOS with a new Privacy Screen
feature that will allow users to set up Face ID and Touch ID security.

Google began rolling out this feature back in April but it only seems to be
popping up as a feature now. ?Privacy Screen? allows Google Drive users on iOS
to secure their files with their iOS passcode, but you?ll still be able to
quickly access and unlock the app with either Face ID or Touch ID. You?ll only
be able to view and access files after the app has verified your identity, and
the feature will be reactivated each time you close the app and reopen it.

Asreported byThe Verge
[] , this feature is now officially listed in the most recent update notes for
Google Drive on iOS, meaning the feature has likely rolled out to all users as
of now. According to the app?s App Store listing, the most recent update notes

?Privacy Screen is a new feature that uses Face ID or Touch ID to protect your
sensitive files from prying eyes.?

Image: GoogleSpeaking toDigital Trends
[], a Google
spokesperson explained saying, ?Sometimes you might want a little more privacy
for documents stored on your phone. You might share devices with family or loved
ones more often if you?re working from home.?

You can enable the feature in the app by tapping the hamburger icon in the top
left corner of the screen and selecting Privacy Screen. Toggle the switch and
the Delay options are revealed.

As noted in the report by The Verge though, Privacy Screen does have
limitations. On the settings screen, Google warns that it might not protect your
Drive notifications, ?certain? Siri functionality, files shared with the Files
app, photos shared with the Photos app, and ?other system functionality.?

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