Making purchases with your voice is convenient, but it?s far from secure. Google
is attempting to change that when using Assistant by introducing an optional
voice verification test.

AsThe Verge reports
[] , the new security feature relies on Google Assistant?s Voice Match and it?s
being rolled out slowly as part of a limited pilot program to test how well it
works withsmart speakers [] andsmart displays []. The
Voice Match training feature was updated recently to include phrases so that
Assistant could more accurately determine who is issuing commands.

With better accuracy, Google clearly feels Voice Match is good enough to now act
as an extra layer of security. Once enabled, your Voice Match profile will be
used whenever a purchase is made through Assistant via voice. However, for now
the verification on purchases is limited to in-app through Google Play or
restaurant orders. As it?s a pilot program, you can expect that restriction to
be lifted once Google has fixed any bugs that appear.

Google does warn as part of the setup process that the security offered by Voice
Match verification isn?t perfect. If someone has a similar voice to you,
Assistant can still be tricked into thinking it?s you, but opting to enable
purchase confirmations is still worthwhile considering how unlikely someone with
the same voice is going to be attempting to purchase items through your devices.

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