The COVID-19 pandemic has evidently taken quite a massive toll on the tech
industry as companies called off events for the year and moved them online. The
pandemic has also caused a drop in the demand for hardware as the economy suffer
and people have lesser budgets to spend on gadgets and basic electronics.

According to a new report from?Gartner, device shipments for 2020 are expected
to drop by 13.6%, totaling a number that goes up to 1.9 billion units. To put
things in perspective, 2.16 billion devices were shipped in 2019 including over
1.7 billion mobile phones followed by over 400,000 computing devices. In 2020,
the shipments of mobile phones and computing devices are expected to drop by
14.6% and 10.5% respectively.

> Gartner analyst Ranjit Atwal says: “Global #device
[] shipments to
fall 14% in 2020 due to the impact of COVID-19.” Read on
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[] #IT
[] @Gartner_IT

? Gartner (@Gartner_inc) May 26, 2020
[] Ranjit Atwal, senior research director atGartner?in a blog post
[] states, ?The forecasted decline in the PC market in particular could have been
much worse. However, government lockdowns due to COVID-19 forced businesses and
schools to enable millions of people to work from home and increase spending on
new notebooks, Chromebooks and tablets for those workers. Education and
government establishments also increased spending on those devices to facilitate

The well-know research and advisory firm further noted that 2021 and 2022 may
see a rise in the shipment of portable devices like Chromebooks, laptops, and
tablets as more and more people are now working from home. This ?will make
business notebooks displace desk-based PCs through 2021 and 2022.?

Lastly,?Gartner?also predicted a rise in 5G smartphones but that didn?t happen
due to the coronavirus pandemic. Gartner expected 5G phones to account for 11%
of the total mobile shipments but ?the delayed delivery of some 5G flagship
phones? combined with the limited geographical coverage stopped the broader 5G
adoption in 2020.

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