Though the social media landscape is dominated by a few major players, consumers
still seem to want something new and different. Just look at TikTok.

Today, a new social app is launching. CalledFriended [] , it is taking an altogether different strategy when it comes to connecting
people online.Friended []was started
by Thumb co-founder and CEO Dan Kurani, Friended wants to give users a deeper
and more meaningful connection to one another, which the company believes they

On Friended, users can post to the community about what they?re thinking or
feeling. But rather than catalyze a ?town hall?-style group conversation,
members of the community can respond privately to that post, offering their
insights, anecdotes or advice.

The idea is to give people a chance to share how they really feel in a
vulnerable, one-to-one setting. In playing around with the app, I had
conversations with people about how to make friends in NYC and why it sometimes
feel like others don?t care about us as much as we care about them.

Anyone can respond to a thread, and comments on threads can be liked by the
poster or respondent, but from the moment a response comes through, that
conversation is one-on-one and private.

?People feel more lonely now than ever before,? said Kurani. ?Part of the blame
is the social media algorithms that only promote people?s highlights for more ad
impressions. It?s isolating to see everyone?s happy moments, and, then get
silence when you share something vulnerable. But, it?s also just plain hard to
open up and share your feelings because of the pressure to be perfect.?

Because Friended wants to be a place where you always have someone to talk to,
the company has eliminated ads as a possible revenue stream. Instead, the
company is working to implement a premium tier.

Right now, users can only post a conversation starter every eight hours. The
premium tier, which costs $4.99/week, allows users to post as frequently as they
want, and also includes a few other premium features, like the ability to talk
to people in your location.

Friended has raised a $500K seed round from investors such as Jonah Goodhart,
Dr. Lara Otte, Jared Fliesler and Bobby Goodlatte. Though the company won?t
disclose monthly active user numbers, it did say that it has 500,000 registered
users with an average of 11 sessions per day per active user during its beta.
More than 2.5 million messages were sent last month.

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Friended is a new social network that wants to get real