Pandemic has made everything virtual and more chat rooms are popping in than
usual with Facebook Chat rooms, Zoom chat rooms and many more. But Instagram has
decided to upgrade it’s previous feature “Live Room”, now a person can go live
with 3 other person at the same time. The feature was announced on March 1st and
launched globally.

Prior to this, only one person with one other person was allow to join the Live.
This feature comes in with the competition in market with apps such as ClubHouse
which has been thriving through the pandemic by making connectivity more
convenient. Though Clubhouse has a lot more features such as it can give live
rooms from 10 people upto 8,000 until the rooms are full, the app is based on
invite-only system and the app is iOS only.

The new live featureThis feature is meant to attract lager audience as it allows
the followers of the host and the other three participant to watch the live. The
Live Room with this new feature is meant for discussions or talks about shows,
jam sessions or collaboration. Every follower would be notified of the host
along with the followers of other participants.

But unlike Clubhouse, Instagram’s Live feature requires people to be in front of
the camera i.e., pressure to be photogenic along with a picturesque background.
In Clubhouse, the emphasis is less on video driven content i.e., even when
walking, driving or riding one can go live. Even with the pressure, Instagram
has amassed quite a social following over the decade so it would not be an issue
for people to rely back on their already established followers to explore the
new feature.