Mozilla announced today the upcoming launch of its paid VPN (virtual private
network) service in the next few weeks when it exits beta testing. The product
willofficially roll out as Mozilla VPN
[] , ditching its original Firefox Private Network brand.

The Firefox Private Network service was?first introduced in September?of last
year as a browser extension as part of Mozilla?s Test Pilot program for users in
the U.S. Then earlier this year, it was expanded into an app available on
Android, Windows, and Chrome OS. Mozilla revealed some insights it gathered
during the testing phase.

?We started working with a small group of you and learned a lot. With the VPN in
your hands, we confirmed some of our initial hypotheses and identified important
priorities for the future. For example, over 70% of early Beta-testers say that
the VPN helps them feel empowered, safe, and independent while being online. In
addition, 83% of early Beta-testers found the VPN easy to use,? the company

The upcoming service is separate from a VPN browser extension Mozilla offers via
the Firefox browser. The extension, although free, only encrypts your internet
connection through the browser?not other applications running on the device.
Protection is also capped to 12 hours per month.

Mozilla VPN will be made available on Windows, Android, and iOS at $4.99 per
month for a limited time when it becomes an official product. It will offer
protection for up to five devices on those operating systems. However, the VPN
service does not yet support macOS or Linux devices and is exclusive to the
U.S., with plans to expand the service to other regions later this year. The
service will also launch on macOS in the future, following requests by beta