Facebook, back in April, rolled out a tool to users in the US and Canada that
allowed them to easily transfer photos and videos to their respective Google
Photos accounts in a single click. Well, that photo transfer tool is now being
made available globally to everyone on Facebook.

The entire process which requires only a couple of steps allows users to
transfers year?s worth of childhood memories and middle-school montages to
Google?s super-popular storage service and maybe even other services in the

The photo-transfer tool was released as part of the Data Transfer Project, a
collaborative effort from some of the biggest tech companies announced in 2018
aimed to make a simple, streamlined process to move files and data between
platforms. This tool is the first product to stem out of the theData Transfer
Project [https://datatransferproject.dev/].

> Today, we are reaching 100% rollout of our photo and video transfer tool that
enables people to port their photos directly to Google Photos.

With this rollout, the tool is now available globally to everyone on Facebook:
https://t.co/1pck8PQoEe https://t.co/WBCeJGmMwp pic.twitter.com/IvHSgXNpbl

? Alexandru Voica (@alexvoica) June 4, 2020
[https://twitter.com/alexvoica/status/1268573633724780546?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw] To access the tool, users have to go into the ?Your Facebook Information? in
their settings, select ?Transfer a Copy of Your Photos or Videos? and choose
Google Photos from the dropdown menu. Once you confirm the transfer and enter
your Google Photos password, the transfer will begin. Users will receive a
notification on Facebook and through email once the transfer is complete.

This photo-transfer tool was debuted in December 2019 and has since rolled out
to users in a number of countries across South America, Europe and Southeast
Asia. Facebook?s now bringing this tool to users in the US and Canada, with
plans to expand its reach further in the coming months.

?At Facebook, we believe that if you share data with one service, you should be
able to move it to another. That?s the principle of data portability, which
gives people control and choice while also encouraging innovation. Today, we?re
releasing a tool that will enable Facebook users to transfer their Facebook
photos and videos directly to other services, starting with Google Photos,?
stated Facebook in an update.

The social media giant says that it will be adding more services that users will
be able to transfer their data to, but that it?s starting with Google Photos for

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