Facebook has removed the lite version of Instagram from the Google Play Store
after it was launched back in June 2018. Instagram Lite was meant to be an
alternate platform for Android users that would require comparatively less
memory and data than Instagram.

Android Police
[https://www.androidpolice.com/2020/05/11/instagram-lite-is-dead-all-hail-full-fat-instagram/] was the first to report that Instagram Lite was unpublished from the Google Play
Store, sometime around April 12. The app seemingly disappeared without any prior
announcement, just as it was first introduced back in 2018 in Mexico. After this
abrupt shutdown, users were being redirected to the main Instagram app.

Instagram Lite was pretty popular in regions such as Kenya, Mexico, Peru and the
Philippines. While the slimmed version did lack a few features compared to the
main app, it was still good. Other platforms like Twitter, Spotify and Google
have also launched such slim versions of their apps previously, which are
targeted in regions where people don?t have access to good internet and tend to
use older smartphones.

Even Facebook has a lite version of its main app and Messenger as well. But
Instagram Lite, that was not available as widely as Facebook?s other lite
platforms, probably because it was just being tested. A Facebook spokesperson
confirmed toTechcrunch
[https://techcrunch.com/2020/05/11/instagram-lite-shuts-down-in-advance-of-a-relaunch/] that the company is ?rolling back the test of the Instagram Lite app?.

But the report further notes that a new version of the Instagram Lite app is
currently under development. Hopefully, the new version will be more regions,
including India.

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