Facebook [https://crunchbase.com/organization/facebook]has a new connectivity
app calledDiscover [https://tech.fb.com/discover/]to help those who can?t afford
to get online access information on the web.

The service, available through mobile web andAndroid
[https://crunchbase.com/organization/android]app, allows users to visit any
website in text format (no video, images, audio and other elements that eat up
large amounts of data) and consume a few megabytes of internet data.

For Discover, which is part of the company?s Free Basics initiative, Facebook is
working with mobile operators in Bitel, Claro, Entel, and Movistar. Discover is
currently available in Peru, where it is in the initial testing phase.

In Peru, Discover is offering 10MB of free data to users each day. A Facebook
spokesperson told TechCrunch that the partner mobile operator determines the
daily data allowance, and it anticipates operators in other countries where
Discover would be tested to offer up to 20MB each day.

But nothing is set in stone.??We?ll be assessing how people are using Discover
and the amount of daily data more during the trials and may work with our
operator partners on adjustments going forward,? the spokesperson said, adding
that mobile operators will also determine whether support for photos could be
added to Discover.

Eliminating support for videos and images means that Discover users would be
able to load dozens of websites in a day without running out of their data

As Facebook expands its connectivity efforts, some other companies have scaled
down their initiatives. Earlier this year,?Google discontinued its free Wi-Fi
program?called Station that offered internet access in more than 400 railway
stations in India, and was available at public places in handful of other

In 2018, Wikimediashut down Wikipedia Zero
[https://medium.com/@refsrc/wikipedia-zero-which-provided-over-800-million-users-in-72-countries-with-access-to-wikipedia-at-ff3014a122e6] , a program that allowed more than 800 million people to access the online
encyclopaedia in 72 countries for free.

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