Machine learning has quickly gone from niche field to crucial component of
innumerable software stacks, but that doesn?t mean it?s easy. The tools needed
to create and manage it are enterprise-grade and often enterprise-only ? but
Determined AI []aims to make them more accessible than
ever by open-sourcing its entire AI infrastructure product.

The company created its Determined Training Platform for developing AI in an
organized, reliable way ? the kind of thing that large companies have created
(and kept) for themselves, the team explained when theyraised an $11 million
Series A last year
[] .

?Machine learning is going to be a big part of how software is developed going
forward. But in order for companies like Google and Amazon to be productive,
they had to build all this software infrastructure,? said CEO Evan Sparks
[]. ?One company we worked for had 70
people building their internal tools for AI. There just aren?t that many
companies on the planet that can withstand an effort like that.?

At smaller companies, ML is being experimented with by small teams using tools
intended for academic work and individual research. To scale that up to dozens
of engineers developing a real product? there aren?t a lot of options.

?They?re using things like TensorFlow and PyTorch,? said Chief Scientist Ameet
Talwalkar. ?A lot of the way that work is done is just conventions: How do the
models get trained? Where do I write down the data on which is best? How do I
transform data to a good format? All these are bread and butter tasks. There?s
tech to do it, but it?s really the Wild West. And the amount of work you have to
do to get it set up? there?s a reason big tech companies build out these
internal infrastructures.?

The hope is that the Determined AI platform becomes something of a base layer
that lots of small companies can agree on, providing portability to results and
standards so you?re not starting from scratch at every company or project.

With machine learning development expected to expand by orders of magnitude in
the coming years, even a small piece of the pie is worth claiming, but with
luck, Determined AI may grow to be the new standard for AI development in small
and medium businesses. You can check out the platformon GitHub
[]or at Determined AI?sdeveloper site

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