Peak Design’s Sling BagPeak Design has congratulated Amazon on copying it’s Everyday Sling through a
humorous video where they call out the similarities between both the bags. The
bags are also priced differently; where Peak Design sells their Everyday Sling
at $99.95, Amazon has priced it’s bag at $32.99. Previous to the video, the bag
was also called by the same name until Peak posted the video which led Amazon to
change the name from Everyday Sling to Camera Bag. Even though Amazon has
changed it’s product name, the url for the bag still has everyday in the name.

The hilarious call-out videoIn the hilarious video, the company has compared the
product side by side and threw a jab at Amazon for not only copying the design
and the name but also making sure every stich and inch of the bag has an uncanny
resemblance to Peak Design. For sure, anyone who has no idea of Peak Design,
they are very likely to get confused between both the products.

The Uncanny resemblanceBut it is not the first time Amazon has been caught under
the fire, previously Amazon has been called out AllBirds for selling a clone of
what looked liked AllBirds design shoe. The CEO of AllBirds had criticized
Amazon via Media post even though he mentioned being “flattered” by Amazon’s

The copying has not stopped there, they have resorted to copying and has been
accused of cloning many items such as seat cushions and car trunk organizers.
This has led to antitrust issue against Amazon.