Online grocery platform Citymall has just raised $11 million on Thursday as a
part of its Series A funding round led by Acel Partners. Elevation Capital,
Jungle Ventures and WaterBridge Ventures who where their existing investors also
participated in the round. The amount from the funding will go to the expansion
and development of CityMall’s logistics, supply chain in 20 cities tier 2,3 and
4. The CityMall has set an aim to increase it’s network to 2 lakh customer by

Previously, they had raise $3 million with Elveation Capital as a part of their
seed funding.

?India?s next 300 million Internet users from smaller cities, towns, and
villages depend on assisted commerce formats driven by pricing, trust and
feasibility to encourage online purchase for everyday products. The accelerated
pace of our growth in the past 10 months is a testimony of our ability to create
a sustainable and effective model to address the challenges faced by traditional
e-commerce models in Tier 2, 3 and 4 markets of India,” said Angad Kikla,
co-founder, CityMall.

CityMall is a two-year old of social e-commerce platform that sells lifestyle
products, grocery and curated products via peer-to-peer referrals on whatsapp on
tier 2,3 and 4 cities. Currently they have over 20,000 sellers serving over 2
lakh customers across their communities.