Now you can create a section of link to the text you have highlighted on a
website, this is the upcoming feature of Google’s Chrome 90.

Source: Google Previously Google had introduced the feature as an extension
called Link To Text Fragment, but now it has included the feature within Chrome
itself. This new feature is still rolling out to users but according to a blog
post by Google Product Manager Kayce Hawkins, it works just like the extension
did. How does it work? Visit a web page, highlight the text you want to create
link to, right click, and select ?copy link to highlight.? A URL ending in a
pound sign (#) is generated, which you can then share with others. When they
open the link, they?ll be sent to the specific highlighted section instead of
the beginning of the page.(Source: The Verge)

The feature has already been rolled out on desktop and Android, it will soon
launch on iOS platform too, Google has said to be reported. More new features
are coming up on the Chrome as Google sets to update the app.