India has been facing increased cyberthreats from China and over 40,000 hacking
attempts were made across several sectors in India including banking and IT
infrastructure. The information was revealed by a top police official in
Maharashtra, earlier this week. The news of hacking attempts from Chinese threat
actors comes on the heels of geopolitical tensions in Galwan Valley at the
Indo-China border.

[] byNews18states that Yashasvi Yadav, Inspector General of Police, cybersecurity
at Maharashtra Police, revealed there?s been a ?sudden surge of cybercriminal
activity in the Indian cyberspace?, in the span of last 4-5 days. The sectors
that are targets includes infrastructure, information, and banking. ?At least
40,300 cyber attacks have been made in this time, and a large volume of these
attacks have originated from Chengdu, the capital city of China?s Sichuan
province,? said Yadav. The types of attacks that have seen a surge include IP
hijacking, phishing attacks, and denial of service.

Earlier this week, Cyfirma, a cyber intelligence firm, recently?revealed?that
China-backed hackers are targeting several government agencies and businesses in
India. Hackers had reportedly published a list on Chinese hacker forums that
included names of reputed Indian companies, banks, and media houses including
Airtel, BSNL, Hindustan Times, Times Of India, and more.

Cert-In alsoreleased a warning
[] that malicious threat actors were planning a large-scale phishing attack
campaign against Indian individuals and companies. The cyberattack was going to
send malicious emails under the pretext of local authorities dispensing
government funds for COVID-19.